How DAS works

Everything we think, say and do serves one purpose:

To feel better, to feel good, to be in alignment with Source.

When we feel better we subconsciously feel closer to Source and when we feel good we ultimately feel aligned with Source. The tragic in human life is that even when we do things that we "don't want to do" we do them, because at last we believe they serve a good purpose. This however is a misalignment, as we start the process to feeling good by doing something we dislike. You can compare this to stepping on the brake while giving full throttle. Would you call this smart or rather an efficient way of wasting your energy in your God-given-Life?

Now, let's just imagine this:
Imagine how you will feel if you when connect right away with your higher goal! Imagine the feelings and emotions this activates within you and now let this energy pull you through the whole journey, from the the start out point all the way to your goal! Although every single step differs from the previous, it could be an easy one or a difficult one you will feel how the power of the positive goal pulls ayou through. Every single step will be divinely aligned and at the end will shift, in a sense of transcends, your awareness, your consciousness and your life to a higher Level.  Step by step it brings you closer to the God Source and Love by this shift of increasing alignment with the Divine.

To walk the path of such a Divine Alignment Shift successfully there are a few things that you may have to consider:

  1. We are not alone; starting with our family we are part of  greater/higher systems. Our individual soul is in constant exchange with all internal and external systems. On the internal level every single, individual cell of your body is in a constant exchange with all the other 100 trillion cells that make up the human body. That is the way your body works, without it you couldn't even bend a finger. The most influencing external system in life is our family-heritage/ancestral system. It is our systemic connection with the Divine Source of all being.

  2. As an individual being with an individual soul, we have been on a personal journey ever since our soul was created and released by the Divine Source. On this journey the soul is forced to grow until it gains full awareness of its own divinity. For this it needs every experience it makes in whatever realm. The realm it finds itself in again depends on the level of growth the soul has achieved. Reality comes about, when one consciousness bounces into another consciousness or in other words you can only experience a "bang" when two rocks hit. This is where 1) and 2) intertwine, because experiences depend on the interaction with someone or something else. Thus, experiences are systemic.

As you cannot separate the ONE from ALL and the ALL from ONE true DIVINE ALIGNMENT SHIFT can only happen, when we ALIGN our Soul through our higher Systems as well as honoring the individual path of our Soul. Both re-connects us with Source. Thus, by choosing only one route and ignoring the other consequently cannot create the oneness within and outside of us.

DIVINE ALIGNMENT SHIFT is a unique and powerful wake-up call, an igniter of your individual & systemic reconnection, activation and alignment. This exponentially shifts your life with expedited growing awareness of who you really are – a most valuable and beautiful expression of Divinity itself, serving a divine purpose on and for all levels of being.

In a DIVINE ALIGNMENT SHIFT workshop you first will learn what is necessary and how to align with Source by honoring your roots. This "Alignment of Heritage " brings peace and makes you feel more connected, lighter and stronger. Many times participants say that they finally feel one with themselves and more grounded.
The "Alignment of the Heritage" is also the foundation for our (usually following) "Family Constellation Work " workshop/s.

In the second part of the workshop, the "spiritual Alignment of the Spine " part, you will experience the alignment of your individual soul and spirit with Source. As especially the soul is connected to the spine, aligning the soul leads miraculously to a physical Alignment of the Spine (without touch!!!), with multiple positive effects on the whole body as every organ and every limb which is connected to the spine.

Besides that it leads to a visible and measurable

* leveling of your shoulder-blades,
* leveling of hips and it
* equalizes functional and variable differences in leg-length –

– only by the ALL encompassing and curative power of DIVINE SPIRIT and LOVE

Your DIVINE Alignment of the Spine will be observed and documented by a witness of your choice to manifest the infinite curative POWER, MERCI, GRACE and LOVE of the Divine for you in this and your personal world, for you to remember and honor and others to see and to follow.

Read the experiences of former DAS participants in our Guestbook

Thank you for your attention and energy while reading this.

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