Divine Alignment Shift

Divine Alignment Shift (DAS) is a powerful spiritual and systemic transformation process, without touch or physical manipulation. It assesses your entire internal and external System and eliminates "energy blockers" and entanglements from your life.
DAS provides a systemic and individual reset for the entire human system. By this it enables the healing energy of the "core divine love" to flow freely again.

The results of the DAS process immediately present themselves on all levels of your being even the physical.

The miraculous unexplainable effects on the body appear visually and measurable as an alignment and straightening of the spine, leveling of the shoulder blades and hips and an equalization of variable differences in leg-length. The beauty and uniqueness of DAS is that it combines both, a highway to peace by reactivating the flow of love in your family system and a "once-in-a-lifetime" spiritual re-connection of your individual soul with your higher selves and the Divine Source.

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