Family Constellation

Do you know about the hidden dynamics within your family?
Are there reoccurring issues in your family?
How do the imprints of your family affect you?
Find out in a family constellation workshop!

Family (Systemic) Constellation Work is profound work at the deepest level of both the individual and family soul. It is a movement of the soul to a natural resolution based on love within one's family system. Systemic or Family Constellations were founded on the work of German therapist Bert Hellinger. His phenomenological approach probes the secret soul or conscience of the family or a system. By working with thousands of family systems, Hellinger observed age-old "Orders of Love" that govern family systems and their members.

"When we understand the systemic laws that allow love to unfold, we may help suffering families and individuals to find solutions, even after a lifetime of hate, anger and abuse. " ~ Bert Hellinger

When someone in the family system has been excluded, forgotten, cast out, or suffered a difficult fate someone of the following generations unconsciously and invariably will step in. He or she brings the lost member's destiny back through living it out in this lifetime, affecting them in ways in which they do not understand. This happens because of a deep and hidden loyalty that will not allow anyone of a family system to be denied the right to belong. It is a love so deep that an individual may unconsciously choose to die, rather than "betray" the family bond.

By working gently, honestly and directly with facts, rather than one's beliefs, we discover previously hidden dynamics, halt their influence, acknowledge what is and allow for a healing resolution. Healing professionals around the world are beginning to witness and recognize the profound healing that can take place using Systemic or Family Constellation work.

Constellation work is a powerful tool in sourcing the origin of our problems and finding resolution and deep healing within the complex and often tragic relationship systems of an individual and their family.

As a client in a Systemic or "Family Constellation Work" workshop or private session you will have the opportunity to discover and experience the origin of problems within your relationships to include your health, family and career. These problems may actually have been inherited from the lives of your ancestors, and may not be completely of your own doing. This does much to explain why so many of our issues still persist, even after all the years of therapy and healing work we have done. You can now join the many that have received these benefits, and blessings of this profound new work.

Divine love and wisdom can help individuals and the systems they are a part of to heal and release their energetic identifications or entanglements. It will not only guide and restore one to a place of acknowledgement and honoring and love of what is and what has been but also free the following generations.



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