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In ancient Greece (460 BC), Democritus recognized that the whole universe consist of atoms. Now we know that the universe consist of very small elementary (nano) particles. The definition of the word "nano" is, extremely small, when quantifiable, it translates to one-billionth. Although the particles are extremely small they still carry all information within. All information is connected with each other; resonate via energetic waves, with each other.
If someone would like to use this information how would this someone be able to transport it to the place where this information is needed? The best way would be to use an "ultra-molecular dilution" (the way it is done in homeopathy) to transport it from one cell to another.

The well-known Hungarian medical researcher, Tibor Jakabovics found a way to not only transport the information from cell to cell but even transport the information and the active substances through the membrane into the cells. Having found this transporter substance it is now possible to carry all the good and helpful essences, of officinal herbs and plants, minerals, crystals and collodial metals like gold/silver/platinum, via skin and bones directly into the cell. This is like an instant kick start for the self-healing-process. Our cells have a memory and they'll know what they need to be whole again.

These cosmetic products are all made of high quality natural organic ingredients!

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